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Which One Better, Single or Web Hosting Reseller?

If you look at any web hosting provider, you will see several types of web hosting service that they provide. Two most common types that offered are single hosting and reseller. The question is which one better? Let’s make a comparison!

Single web hosting service is a hosting package where you can put one or multiple domains in a cpanel account (this package often called multiple domain web hosting). The key is ‘a cpanel account’. Means that you can only access your hosting from one user login, once you login you have full access of that cpanel account.

Single web hosting service might be the best choice if you want to use it for yourself. Furthermore, if you have several domains, you can save lot of money then.

Can I share this hosting service to my friends? I won’t recommend you to do so regardless how great your friendships because by sharing the account means you give him/her full access to your hosting. Who know someday when you two have some problems, he/she may delete all of your data. What will you do then?

Therefore, if you decide to share the account or even ‘resell’ it, you may buy reseller package. This way you can have hosting with multiple cpanel account where each account doesn’t interfere each other. Reseller package may seem more expensive at first, but remember you can share it with your friend. This way you can save some money too.

In conclusion, if you want to use the hosting just for yourself use single package and if you want to share or resell it, reseller package is the best choice! Now it’s time for you to choose the web hosting. Have fun!

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