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Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting Part (6)

Vice President/Officer/Principal

Having mastered the analytics and the peoplemanagement components of the job, consultants at this level are expected to be adept relationshipbuilders within the firm and with clients. At this stage, consultants spend more time overseeing the overall quality of the services provided to the client and less time onsite with the rest of the project team. They also spend a greater proportion of their time providing thought leadership, developing analytical tools, and often determining internal administrative policies.

Senior Vice President/Partner/Director

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at consulting’s promised land. Note that some firms divide partners into junior- and senior-grade. And, if you aspire to it, there’s always that chairman or CEO position. Partners help determine the overall strategy and direction of the consulting firm, often leading new business development efforts in entire sectors and selling additional engagements to new and existing clients. Fortunately, as with other big-ticket sales jobs, the pay can be quite rewarding.

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