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A Real Person’s Profile: A Technical Architect in IT Consulting Company

Years in consulting: Two

Eductaion: BA in information systems, Carnegie Mellon; MISM (Master’s of Information Systems Management), Carnegie Mellon

Size of company: 500 consultants

Hours per week: 45–55

Annual Salary: $100,000–120,000

What brought you to IT consulting? I had worked in tech companies and had started my own company. I was attracted to consulting because I wanted to do something where I could use my entrepreneurial spirit. I didn’t want a desk job where I would be doing the same thing every day. I wanted independence and a dynamic environment.

What was the recruitment process like for you? My company recruited directly from the program I graduated from. I submitted my application and was selected for an on-campus interview. The first interview is kind of an “airport test.”

They’re looking for whether the person is someone we wouldn’t mind being stuck with at the airport when the flight gets delayed. If you seem like a fit, they ask you back for a typical resumebased interview and a case interview. They also have us write a letter describing a business problem to a client and have us do a mock presentation.

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