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Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting

Just as each firm has its favorite buzzwords, it also has unique terminology for its rank and file. Although the titles might vary from firm to firm, the roles can basically be divided as follows: analyst (also called research associate or staff consultant at some firms), consultant (or senior consultant), manager, and partner or VP.

Some consulting firms put consultants onto one of two tracks: one for general business and another for technologists. In these firms, technology consultants might be called technology architects (usually more senior) and technology consultants or analysts (more junior). In addition, larger consulting firms hire a cadre of highly capable non-consultant staff into administrative and support positions.

Administrative Assistant

Most consulting firms have a fairly large pool of college-educated administrative assistants and support staff so consultants can keep focused on tasks that justify their $200-plus-per-hour billing rates. In addition to performing standard support functions, many have specific roles (such as recruiting, office administration, or website maintenance). Most firms also have a group of graphic designers on staff to prepare materials for presentations.

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