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Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting Part (2)


Analyst/Business Analyst/Systems Analyst/Programmer Analyst/Research Associate/Staff Consultant/Associate Consultant This is the position at the bottom of the professional pyramid. The vast bulk of analysts are young, talented, hungry, relatively recent college graduates. Many strategy consulting firms structure this position to last for two to three years, after which the analyst is expected to move on—perhaps to […]

Some Inventions in Information Technology Field


Today the need of using and implementing the latest technology is bigger than before. All of them were begun with the computer era that helps people work in doing business. Computer can type much more efficient than typewriter. People can type more quickly than before, they can also delete data when they do mistake – […]

Key Jobs (Positions) in IT Consulting


Just as each firm has its favorite buzzwords, it also has unique terminology for its rank and file. Although the titles might vary from firm to firm, the roles can basically be divided as follows: analyst (also called research associate or staff consultant at some firms), consultant (or senior consultant), manager, and partner or VP.

IT Consulting Engagements: Project Cycle


A typical consulting engagement can last from one month to several years. Industry insiders say the typical length of a consulting project has fallen from 6 to 18 months in the 1990s to as little as a month or two currently. This trend makes sense given that organizations have less money to spend on big […]

IT Consulting Engagements


IT consulting engagements come in two primary flavors. Th e fi rst involves a client with specific problems that improved IT might be able to resolve. Th e client might pose questions such as: “We’ve acquired fi ve companies that all use technology. Can you design a system to streamline our IT?”; “Check out our […]

IT Consulting Company Profile: Unisys


Unisys is an IT giant, with offerings including consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure, and server technology in the following markets: financial services, communications, transportation, commercial, media, and the public sector. The company is among the largest government IT contractors, serving local, state, and federal agencies, as well as foreign governments. Unisys has offices in more […]

IT Consulting Company Profile: Sapient


Sapient has two core businesses, Sapient Consulting and Sapient Interactive. The consulting arm provides business and IT strategy, process and systems design, package implementation, and custom development, and the Interactive side deals with marketing in digital media.

Creating Real Estate Website


Creating a real estate website is different from making any other website, because it’s so much fun. I just got a project to make a real estate website from my client. At first I thought it would be so complicated, you bet, it way easier than I think.

IT Consulting Company Profile: SAIC


Founded in 1969 by physicist J. Robert Beyster, SAIC (originally Science Applications International Corp.) provides government agencies and commercial enterprises with technical support and project management services. The company, which relies on the U.S. government for almost 90 percent of its revenues, provides products and services in areas including data security, eprocurement, and telemedicine.

Companies and Countries: Diverging Interests? (2)


Seagate also supports a substantial supplier base in the United States of companies producing high value components for disk drives. The issue of employment is very sensitive to national governments. Employment in the U.S. computer hardware industry has declined steadily since the mid-1980s, while employment in U.S. overseas affiliates has grown rapidly.