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What is Internet Fax?

internet fax

Internet fax means you use Internet to send and receive faxes. You must be familiar with the term facsimile and internet, so it’s very easy to imagine how both technologies work together. Internet fax is also popular with several other terms, such as “e-fax” and “online faxing. There are several benefits of using Internet rather than phone networks for sending and receiving faxes:

  • Required no special software or hardware
  • Required no extra telephone line
  • Paperless communication, integrated with email
  • Send some faxes simultaneously
  • Reduce phone cost
  • Able to receive the fax anywhere as long as you’re connected to the Internet

With the many advantages offered, it’s the right time to change your phone networks for fax into Internet fax. You could save money for paying the phone line monthly fee, maintaining the hardware for sending and receiving faxes, buying the papers and inks. You will never experience running out papers so you cannot receive the new incoming faxes.

If previously you have to check the papers outputted from hardware, now you can check the incoming fax easily, from your email or your phone. Besides, you can also receive the fax from anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet. One main advantage of Internet fax is it’s very easy for you to check the past incoming faxes. This is very beneficial, especially in companies that need to monitor the incoming and outgoing faxes held by the employees.

You can use the service provided by certain company, such as Ring Central. Its internet fax service has many features, such as: secure internet fax, free online fax software, receive faxes as email, receive faxes online, detailed fax logs, toll free or local number, fax from any application, integrated with outlook, sign faxes electronically, and get alerts on your phone.

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