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Blogger Turn to Be Web Designer, Why not?

Guys do you have blog? Gosh I can’t believe what just my friend, Robert, doing. He is a blogger just like us, he love to create a simple blog and put some article in it. Some people think it’s just a wasting time activity because you can have your part time job and earn some money instead of spending time in front of your computer and browsing. You know what, you couldn’t be more wrong about it because I know now Robert make money more than we make by just sitting in front of his computer. How so? Because he works as a web designer!

You probably think “I am not that good at computer stuff, all I can do is open my facebook account, well I don’t think I can work as a web designer too!” Believe me you are wrong! Just keep reading, I’ll explain you why.

Can you guess how much it would cost to create a website like Proreviewtheme.com? Make sure you visit the site first before you make your own assumption! Well, how much? $1,000 or even $3,000? Before I think it was around $2,500 but you know what it’s just $37! Yes, I’m serious $37! If you already have a blog, you must notice that a blog has a ready-use theme, right? The same thing happens for a professional site. The only thing you need to do is buy the theme for $37, set it up, and it’s done!

Now if you can use that theme to build a professional look site, you can sell that site for $1,000 or even more! No wonder Robert has a bunch of money now!


You can buy wordpress review theme from Proreviewtheme.com. They are one of the best vendor for wordpress theme because the theme that they provide is excellent and easy to use. Now you get new idea to make more money right?

p.s. Please don’t tell Robert I tell you this 😀



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