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Companies and Countries: Diverging Interests?


While American companies retained their leadership in the computer industry, the United States was losing both production share and employment in the computer industry to Asia. Hardware production in the United States declined as a share of global production between 1985 and 1990 by 22%.

What Qualifies the Computer Forensics? (2)


The collection of digital evidence from a Microsoft Windows environment would be aided by the investigator’s knowledge of that environment. A wide assortment of certifications covers the multitude of Microsoft products.

What Qualifies the Computer Forensics?


What qualifies the computer forensics investigator? Computer forensics investigator licensing and certification is a topic that can be guaranteed to spark a lively discussion among today’s professionals.

Blogger Turn to Be Web Designer, Why not?


Guys do you have blog? Gosh I can’t believe what just my friend, Robert, doing. He is a blogger just like us, he love to create a simple blog and put some article in it. Some people think it’s just a wasting time activity because you can have your part time job and earn some […]

Practitioners of Computer Forensics


Today’s pervasive use of computers, coupled with the various types of computer involvement in crimes, has caused an explosion in practitioners of computer forensics. Arrests of almost any type today can involve collection of digital evidence.

Critical Components to Study Computer Forensics


The knowledge and skills needed to investigate crimes involving computers will change from case to case; nevertheless, investigators need to understand how computers operate at the component level and how each component interacts with the others. Critical components include the following:

Phases of Computer Forensics (2)


Filtering This can also be referred to as the analysis phase of computer forensics. In this phase investigators will attempt to filter-out data which is determined not to contain any artifacts of evidentiary value and filter-in artifacts of potential evidentiary value.

Phases of Computer Forensics


The primary goals in computer forensics of collecting, preserving, filtering, and presenting digital artifacts can also be used as guidelines to describe the computer forensics process. We will structure these guidelines as phases of the computer forensics process.

What is Internet Fax?


Internet fax means you use Internet to send and receive faxes. You must be familiar with the term facsimile and internet, so it’s very easy to imagine how both technologies work together. Internet fax is also popular with several other terms, such as “e-fax” and “online faxing. There are several benefits of using Internet rather […]