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Arghh, What Happen to My Printer? It Won’t Work!

laser_printerHave you ever been into this situation? When you are about to print something, most of the time it is an important thing and out of nowhere your printer won’t work! So frustrating! If you often work with printer somehow you will get this experience or maybe you have already got one, what do you do to fix this problem? What is the best solution to reduce the possibility so that this kind of thing won’t happen regularly?
When I Google it, I found the answer for this problem! Guess what, the printer sometimes won’t work it’s because of the cartridges. Like this, most people when they find out that the ink inside the cartridges is empty, they tend to re-inject the cartridge by themselves. Of course, you can save a lot of money for such a short period of time because you don’t need to buy an original cartridge until you find out that your printer is broken and now you need to buy a new one!

Then, what about the laser printer? We can’t inject the ink, because this kind of printer doesn’t use any ink instead of toner! What is the thing that can make this printer suddenly broken? It’s the cartridge too. I notice that lately, some people tend to sell fake toner cartridges. The quality of the fake toner cartridges is bad! It can hurt your printer!

laser tonerThat’s why I recommend you, either you use ink cartridges or toner cartridges printer, you have to buy an original one to make sure your printer has a long lifetime! In the end, using an original can save you more money, because you don’t need to buy a new printer so often, right?

Well, hope your printer is working well from now on! Cheers!

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