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Google Person Finder

Shortly after the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on Friday (03/11/2011), Google immediately opened Google Person Finder service to help people keep track of the status of their relatives, friends, or colleagues in Japan to an unknown fate since the disaster.

“This is a simple tool that can be used to check the security of family and friends,” Google wrote in his blog that the Japanese language. This service basically provides two forms of reporting. First, a form to report the names of people who want to know his fate. Second, the form to report the fate of someone who entered in the search list.

The data reported are included in the database so that everyone can do a search, which still look good name and the names of known fate. Less than a day has been recorded that there were 26 200 list of people who are informed citizens. However, Google stresses that the accuracy of the data can not be guaranteed due to all the information entered by the user.

“Please note, all data entered will be available to the public and can be viewed and used by anyone. Google does not check or verify the accuracy of the data,” wrote Google in Person Finder service the 2011 Japan Earthquake.

This service is not the first released by Google. When the earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand, last month, Person Finder has also been provided. In addition to Person Finder service, Google also has made a special crisis center web site for Japanese disaster which provides important information including the status of airports, railways, and power outages following information map.


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