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The rapid globalization of the computer industry and the complex relationship between company and country interests raises a number of questions for both companies and countries trying to compete in computers. These can be summed up as follows:

• How and why has the industry evolved into its present global structure?

• What determines competitiveness for companies, and what are the consequences of continuing changes in markets and technologies for companies in the computer industry?

• What determines competitiveness for countries, and what are the consequences for countries trying to reap the benefits of the explosive growth of the industry and avoid being left behind in the competition for jobs, exports, and technology?

• How do company and country interests correspond or diverge in a global production system?

• Why have some Asian countries succeeded more than others as participants in the global production network?

These questions are complex, as the foregoing discussion suggests. They require close analysis of the evolution of the industry and the strategies of both businesses and governments.


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