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Plan versus Market Explanations in Computer Industry


In comparing the different strategies of these countries in developing their computer industries, we seek to shed light on a central question in development economics: how can companies and countries establish and maintain a viable competitive position in a highly globalized, technologically dynamic industry?

Company and Computer Industry


The rapid globalization of the computer industry and the complex relationship between company and country interests raises a number of questions for both companies and countries trying to compete in computers. These can be summed up as follows:

Computer Forensics


We define computer forensics as the art and science of applying computer science to aid the legal process. That’s right, it is both an art and a science. Although plenty of science is attributable to computer forensics, most successful investigators possess a nose for investigations and a skill for solving puzzles, which is where the […]

How Do I Test Website in A Screen Reader?


The best way to understand the experience of visiting your site with a screen reader is to try it out for yourself; however, the most popular and well-known screen reader in use today, JAWS, is expensive (though a demonstration version exists that will run for 40 minutes) and entails a steep learning curve. What other […]

How Do I Test Website in A Text-only Browser?


Checking your site using a text-only browser is an excellent way to find out how accessible it really is. If you find it easy to navigate your site using a text-only browser, it’s likely that visitors using screen readers will too.

Website Accessibility and CSS (2)


This is more a short checklist—rather than a hard and fast solution: Check Color Contrasts Take care to check the contrast of text against background colors. For users with any kind of visual impairment a low contrast between the text and the background can make the text very hard to read. You should also consider […]

Website Accessibility and CSS


The accessibility of your site involves more than just considering the users of screen readers. The design choices you make will impact users with a range of issues; for example, older people with poor eyesight, people with dyslexia, and those who are unable to use a mouse because of a physical disability.

Google Person Finder


Shortly after the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on Friday (03/11/2011), Google immediately opened Google Person Finder service to help people keep track of the status of their relatives, friends, or colleagues in Japan to an unknown fate since the disaster.