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Happy 5th Birthday, Twitter!


Happy birthday Twitter. Twitter is 5 years now since last March 21, 2011. At first, who ever imagined that shormt message service or microblogging service can be as popular as  now. Twitter becomes a place not only to share information on daily activities of each user, but also become the fastest-media information, share opinions, discussion, until the means of democracy.

Twitter was developed by Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey. Twitter’s first message was made Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006 and generated an automated message machine. “It was only my first set twttr message,” was the tweet at that time.

Shortly thereafter, he followed the next message, “Inviting friends to work.” The tweet of the first message was written directly Dorsey himself. That idea was sparked Dorsey services to two other founders while they were both working on podcasting company Odeo.

After that, Twitter has been promoted into a forum for anything, information, ideas, photos, videos, and so forth. Now, these microblogging sites actually exist. Twitter used by ordinary people, artists, officials, politicians, businessmen, and all parties to communicate without boundaries of space and time. Big thanks to Twitter!

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