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Google Voice Search

When we are looking for something, news, products, or recommendation, we will type Google and let Google help us to find the answer. That often happens to me, how about you? We only need to type the keyword in the textbox provided, and like the magic, Google will come with the answer ;). There is good news, now there is Google Voice Search.

I believe that from its name, you already know the purpose. Right, you can do searching through your voice, we don’t need to type anything. Especially when you use smartphone. The machine will recognize your voice, send it to the server, and find a list of relevant Internet addresses. Similar to Google search engine, the results will vary from websites, news, photos, maps, and video.

The bad news is at the moment it’s only available for Android-based smartphone, Blackberry, and iPhone. For those who don’t have those gadget it means you have to wait a bit longer 😉

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