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Facebook Acquired Snaptu


Facebook enlarges its position to win the social media networking in mobile phone by acquiring Snaptu. We already read that Facebook to get into mobile services, among others, by putting special menu in mobile phones’ production.

Google Voice Search


When we are looking for something, news, products, or recommendation, we will type Google and let Google help us to find the answer. That often happens to me, how about you? We only need to type the keyword in the textbox provided, and like the magic, Google will come with the answer ;). There is […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Twitter! (2)


“Twitter has been growing up and making an impact in the field of social responsibility, politics, sports, media, and so on,” Stone wrote in a message on Twitter blog on Monday. During this time, he loves the Twitter like a child who is ready to enter school and experience of five years as a provision […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Twitter!


Happy birthday Twitter. Twitter is 5 years now since last March 21, 2011. At first, who ever imagined that shormt message service or microblogging service can be as popular as  now. Twitter becomes a place not only to share information on daily activities of each user, but also become the fastest-media information, share opinions, discussion, […]

Welcome back to Twitter, Jack Dorsey!


Do you know the person that has the idea of microblogging service, that is known as Twitter nowadays? He is Jack Dorsey. And, the good news it after leaving Twitter, he will be back as the Executive Chairman. Welcome back to Twitter, Jack Dorsey!

Chrome and Firefox could not be Penetrated!


In the previous article, we have discussed the success of hackers in Pwn2Own cracked the security of two well known browsers: Safari 5 and Internet Explorer 8. As a result, on the other hand, a browser made ??by Google and Chrome 9 Mozilla Firefox 3.6 could not be penetrated.

Safari 5 and IE 8 could be Hacked-2


For the IE8, it could be hacked by Ireland Stephen Fewer. He successfully broke through the browser that runs on 64 bit versions of Windows 7. In order to penetrate the security system IE8, Fewer found three main weaknesses. Two of them were already anticipated from the beginning to exploit. With two weaknesses through it, […]