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SoundHound: A Genius Application for Music Enthusiasts

Are you a music fan? Are you often in this situation where you know the lyrics of the song but you forgot the title and artist name? Or, do you only remember the tune, but forgot the lyrics? No worry, your problem can be solved by a genius application, named SoundHound. Of course, this application is only applicable in Apple devices. But, don’t worry, it’s also available for Android devices.

The application’s price is 6.99 U.S. dollars. After that, you can recognize the music and the songs you sing in the near IPAD you after you press the “tap here”. We recommend you sing the song until the deadline, less than one minute.

If we sing a song with the right (including the curve of tone and voice), SoundHound can recognize the song title and artist name more quickly. Similarly, when we just hummed the song (without voicing the lyrics), SoundHound could guess intelligently, but it needed longer time.

SoundHound can tell us song’s title, singer or band, including the lyrics. It’s really a genius application. Even, if there are several popular singers ever to sing the song, the names of other singers also on the list.

We can try to sing a song from scratch or from the “chorus”. SoundHound still be able to recognize him as long as the tone curves of the song right. This application works on the Apple gadget, such as: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch first generation, second, third. The fast internet connection can accelerate the time needed by SoundHound to recognize the songs.

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