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Nokia E5 and X5


Are you a loyal customer of the Nokia phone? If so, this is the most you’ve been waiting for Nokia has just launched 2 pieces QWERTY phones: Nokia E5 and X5. The two new products that will complement the range of Nokia QWERTY phones like E71, E75, E63, E72, C3, up to N97.

QWERTY phones demand by consumers who like typing long SMS via phone and email. Consumers of this type usually come from businesspeople and professionals. The character is different consumers with consumer touch-screen phone that focuses on ease in entertainment applications.

QWERTY enthusiasts are also usually divided again based on the model, aka bar candy bar and a slide. The business people who want simplicity in the operation of mobile phones often target the QWERTY candy bar. While customers who like the unique design with a slim weight are prefer slide model.

With this new product launch, Nokia expects this year to maintain the number one position in the mobile industry. “We became a leader in the mobile market globally and locally and we hope this year is stable in that position,” added Staff of Nokia Communications Specialist, Jodie Otania.


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