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G-8 Discussed Internet for the First Time

The magnifying virtual world companies will gather in Paris to attend a summit of the electronic field. Several participants who attended were grappling largest market share, like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. In this meeting will discuss about the economic potential of the internet world.

The baron of this virtual world will be faced with the rulers of the world’s largest industrialized nations in the event the G-8. Acting as host was French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who also will host the G-8 summit in Deauville on Thursday (05/26/2011) later.

This is the first time the Internet became a theme of discussion the leaders of the G-8, which is expected to uncover the veil of how hard the competition setting the virtual world of the future. One view is that new firms are generally preferred, such as Google or Amazon, is that the government did not intervene and let the competition take place without any control.

Conversely, the view that the government follow the rules to manage the impact of competition on the internet, which is now more commonly used in Europe, meant to be followed by the application of almost all the rules ranging from privacy protection, which is a hot topic in Britain today, until the rules of protection of the right to work copyright.

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