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G-8 Discussed Internet for the First Time-2

Another rule that must be made relevant internet management options of this second model is to be made law on free competition.

In a speech at the Vatican recently, President Sarkozy has said that the internet is the new frontier, a region that must be conquered. “This region cannot be left wild,” he said. He said the Internet should not be a lawless no-man’s land, where people go around looting the artistic works of others without limit.

Since then the internet had already played a role that shook the hegemonic power in the Arab world. Therefore, currently among the instigators of the internet blogs and observers hoped anxiously await what the final outcome of this summit.

This anxiety may be a reflection of U.S. attitudes also initially reluctant finally approved the entry of Internet into the G-8 agenda. President Barack Obama, who knows exactly how important the Silicon Valley economy, has repeatedly underlined the importance of freedom on the internet as part of its policy at home and abroad as well as the economic powerhouse of the country.

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